This is Maggie. 

Maggie is a 2 year old hound mix who is very sweet and full of life. She has had a tough go around before she came to us. She was found wandering the streets in Georgia, pregnant, emaciated, scared, hurt and alone. When she was rescued, she was examined by a wonderful rescue who had transferred her to Tails of Courage after she gained some weight and gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies. Not only did she have an extreme injury to her front right shoulder that had deteriorated her muscles, she was heart worm positive, had a cherry eye, and still needed to be spayed.  Unfortunately she was not able to receive surgery until after her puppies had stopped nursing. 

Her puppies are in wonderful homes.  Tails of Courage follows the treatment outlined by the American Heartworm Society which requires a 9 month multi stage treatment including complete cage rest to make sure that she safely and carefully goes through her treatment.  Maggie was not in any pain during this time.  She nursed her puppies and was an amazing mom.  She then went through months of heartworm treatment like a champ. 

Once she tested negative for heartworm, she was then spayed and following her recovery, she was scheduled for the amputation of her leg and removal of the cherry eye.  During this time, because Maggie has been so well promoted and people have been following her story, Maggie met and bonded with a great family who have since adopted her.  She had her amputation and cherry eye surgery on January 28, 2019 and went home to her family.  Tails of Courage is still responsible for the bill with our Veterinarian.  The remaining bill is $1,730 for her recent surgery.  Thanks to  donors like you, her heartworm treatment and spay were all covered.  Please help us to raise the remaining funds and finish paying the amazing Veterinarian who is working with Tails of Courage on a payment plan.

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Maggie’s care and medical treatment were overseen by the Tails of Courage staff veterinarian in partnership with the chosen brick and mortar Veterinarian used by the organization.  The Veterinarian’s are happy to answer questions regarding treatment through our website but do not wish to be overwhelmed by phone calls by well meaning individuals.  If you have questions please email and we will post your questions and answers to  the webpage.